Using AdSense

29 Jun

But the ads are segmented geographically, so that businesses can display local advertising with no additional effort. In addition, you can use AdSense in many languages. AdSense can deliver relevant ads because Google understand the meaning of a Web page. For example, words can have different meanings depending on context. Google technology grasps these distinctions, so that the webmaster get more targeted ads. For more specific information, check out ENT. The operation of AdSense To get it started is to add the Google search box at the same website, and publish AdSense and relevant text ads targeted according to the Google results pages generated by searches of their users. You could say that is very simple.

The webmaster inserts a JavScript code that calls a Google server. This server analyzes the page where you insert the code and, depending on the contents therein, generates a code that shows a series of ads for companies that are related to the theme of the site. In this way, ensures that the "clickthrough rate" (the percentage of visitors who click on the link) is higher, since readers are more interested in the subject. Furthermore, the benefits to the webmaster be higher. The formats of the ads are highly customized, both in color and size.

Even you can prevent websites ads appearing competition announced in the advertising. To participate in the AdSense service only needs to be the administrator of a website and make a request to the Google team. But this form has very clear rules with the quality of web sites and not to insert AdSense on pages that have pop-ups or dialers.