Hawaiian Legend

19 May

The shark is one of the main characters of myths and legends of the peoples inhabiting the island's Polynesian and Hawaiian archipelagos. For one primitive tribes the shark was let vindictive, but a deity, for others – filled with cunning evil spirit. Often worship the shark gets very complex forms: the shark played some roles, the man turned into a shark, shark in person. On many islands in the Pacific this terrifying deity was not satisfied that occasionally be swept up in the sea man, woman or child at the time of his mysterious attacks. It required a higher tribute – human sacrifices. And on a certain day the leader or high priest of the tribe went to people in accompanied by a servant carrying a noose, like a shark trap. At a sign from the leader he with force her into a crowd of metal. A person who dropped the loop, on the spot choked.

Then his body according to certain ritual cut on parts and thrown into the sea insatiable deities. Legend Once on the island of Oahu in a young woman fights her brother was calling for help. When his brother heard it, she has managed to give birth to a baby and wrap in a blanket. The child's mother is still cried when her brother arrived. Then he asked her why she cries. She asked him to open a blanket and watch the baby. My brother did it and saw that the child was the body of a shark and a human head.

Surprised by his brother told his sister release the child into the ocean, or the child will inevitably die. She refused to listen to him because her child was in spite of an ugly body. In the end, the argument 'against' brother convinced her of the futility of their wishes and that release the child into the ocean primarily in the interests of the child. They both went to the Black Point to Kala, and when they arrived, the brother of the child released into the water. Placing a child in the water, my friend talked to him in Hawaii. The child then made the only splash of its tail and sailed away. Every morning, his mother returned to the same place to collect seaweed. While she worked, the baby-shark appeared and fed on milk from her breasts. Time passed, and the child become a well-formed adult shark. One morning, when her mother gathered seaweed, a flock of sharks start swimming around her. Suddenly, her baby-shark appeared next to her and struck her with his tail fin with such force that her mother was thrown into shallow water, away from other sharks. Speaking candidly Dean Ornish M.D told us the story. This was followed by fierce battle of her baby with the other sharks. The mother did not know about the result of this battle, and she never saw her 'baby'. Tired of infinite expectations, the woman eventually returned to his birthplace on the island of Maui. One day, ten years later, she and her mother collected seaweed on the shore, but never returned home. Her brother and friends began to look for them. Group search has found these two women, dead, floating along with their bags full of algae directly on them. The group tried to save the body, but the great white shark in every possible way to interfere. Brother of woman found in her lost offspring of his sister, baby shark.