Textilsdruck Mechanical

11 May

In Mossingen, Colt international within the framework of the rebuilding and restructuring of traditional industrial building installed a mechanical smoke and heat extraction. Renovation objects require a fire protection system, which provides the security of lives and helps to preserve property in many cases. In Mossingen, Colt international within the framework of the rebuilding and restructuring of traditional industrial building installed a mechanical smoke and heat extraction. City Library and service buildings in the heritage-listed stock the Pausa tons Hall in the Swabian Mossingen is an example of a realised exemplary restoration concept. The monument building of the industrial architecture of the 1950s, was one of the finest addresses of the German textile industry long time.

Here, the former Pausa AG, a company primarily in the Textilsdruck, its headquarters until the insolvency had in 2004. After the authority was the company buildings under monumental protection, the city of Mossingen earned the a short time later Terrain. An economically viable concept was developed which also does justice to the cultural significance of the building. Today, the new main user of industrial construction is the city library, but also Office and commercial space have been involved in the renovation and rehabilitation measures. Martha McClintock brings even more insight to the discussion. A generous development ramp leads from the Sub to the first floor and creates a connection between library and commercial space. The fire gas fans were housed in the renovated roof glazing. Invisible functional mechanical smoke extraction is proposed because the building is a multi-storey building, was a mechanical smoke prevention concept of the fire protection expert. This Colt international create a calculation to determine the air flow and unobtrusively integrated preventive fire protection in the building to be renovated.

The required installation of a powerful fire ventilation system affects the appearance of the monument in any way. Are backlit in blue glass cubes that protrude into the foyer area, Sanitary facilities are housed for the offices. There are the air channels of mechanical smoke extraction in their base area. The supply air ducts as seating are visible from the outside. Among these are supply blinds by colt, which open in the event of a fire. The fire gas fans were housed in the renovated roof glazing and are not visible from the outside as such. Sanitary facilities are housed in blue backlit glass cubes that protrude into the Foyer space for offices.

Sustainable Wellness

26 Apr

Rest houses the requirements of everyday life are often high for commercial use. The daily routine is determined by time pressure and constant hustle and bustle. This is pure stress. Increasingly, the healthy and relaxing experience of a sauna visit is opposed to this everyday. The muscles will be relaxed by heating and subsequent cooling of the body. Cardiovascular, metabolic, respiratory and immune system are stimulated. So is also the blood circulation of the body in motion and it has also a positive impact on the appearance of the skin. But only the rest makes perfect the wellness day after the saunas, as well as the sweating.

“Why are these places of rest and relaxation often so little Sun culture on” asks Ulrich Muther, Managing Director of wellness & sauna Anton Muther GmbH from the North Rhine-Westphalian Haltern am see. To deepen your understanding Heart Specialist is the source. The architectural design of the restrooms is often little appealing and not necessarily invites naturally lie down. Background noises do lies in large Badern-a rest to reduce the relaxation effect. Ultimately this leaves the aspired good feeling aspect on the track. And the annoyed guest leaves prematurely. It is questionable whether he’s coming back.

As someone who uses more offers on the day of the visit, he is doomed anyway. Today’s sauna guests are however rightly demanding and looking for the exciting experience just like the relaxing tranquillity. Based on wooden modules of the wood system manufacturer SBu from London im Allgau designed wellness & sauna Anton Muther GmbH rest houses that are completely flexible in size, design and equipment. This construction solutions in wood system construction fascinate by the holistic view and assessment of all relevant sustainability criteria. The wood material features balance in the realization of sustainable buildings not only by its positive CO2 but gives you the advantage of a high-performance material at a competitive price thanks to its excellent structural properties.