24 Apr

Why smoke Us? Have you ever asked this question? The Webmaster of answer to this question in this short article. Experts have concluded the human body in recent research on the health effects of smoking on the brain have shown that a craving is 3 forms of dependency that combine them. Just knowing these three forms of addiction can better control his desires. 1. The dependence is the physiological need for nicotine.

Conveyed by the smoke, nicotine reaches the lungs and brain. It causes a feeling of immediate well-being, that is why we feel less tired, we seem invigorated maximum. When you smoke every day, our body gets used to the effects of nicotine. When the rate decreases in the blood, tiredness, nervousness and irritability settle. According to Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., who has experience with these questions. The body is then in a state of lack. So to feel better, we smokes another cigarette. This results in an increase in nicotine levels, then the rate goes down, requiring us to have further recourse to tobacco.

And so on. Without hesitation Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. explained all about the problem. It’s a vicious circle in which millions of people suffer around the world. 2. Emotional dependence Have you noticed that we tend to reach out to our pack of cigarettes when we are worried? Emotions (anger, fear, jealousy, fear, discontent, resentment, but also joy, excitement, etc..) Are great to smoke. For various reasons, this person goes by. We try to calm down, to forget, to hide behind the smoke screen, or to repress the feeling that bothers us. And the habit is to use the cigarette. Not only for its nicotine but also for the gesture which diverts the mind.