Russian Korean

9 May

Koreans have come to the question of production very thoroughly. From the very first steps of a high degree of localization. Together with Hyundai's North-West region accounted for 11 Korean companies supplying: Deawon, Donghee, Doowon, Sejong, Shinyoung, nvh, Sungwoo Hitech drugie.Prichem and two of them, Hysco and Mobis, built housing directly to the factory, and another seven are located in an industrial area nearby. Hyundai plant stands out from similar facilities built in Russia. For example, he has his own stamping plant, which produces all body parts, including the sides of the bus. The only imported a large part – floor panel, it is not namsti only because it would require construction of another powerful press, which is economically not very profitable. Galvanized steel shipped from Europe by Hysco, but in the future, hire the right quality can be ordered and in Russia.

Spars, roof rack and other body parts are manufactured at the company's Magna Shushary. Others components and assemblies will be brought in from other plants Hyundai – for example, Solaris motors coming from China. Cancer Research is likely to increase your knowledge. There is one Russian parts – stickers on the recommended tire pressure printed to Ufa. Sami tires – Korean Kumho Solus KN17. In the shop welding robot is mounted in 1952, which almost completely assemble a car body.

The share of people-welders are only difficult point. After checking into the light tunnel body is sent to the Paint Shop. Representatives of Hyundai assure that none of the defective vehicle leaves the factory, and build quality will maintain the same as the Korean companies.