Modern Swedish Massage

24 Apr

It is difficult to determine with accuracy when and where it originated in the history of the earth massage. Of course, even at the dawn of human history, the first people found the healing properties of massage manipulations, as well as other techniques traditional medicine. People are hurting, there were injured, experienced pain, and tried to remove the painful state of stroking, rubbing, friction, effleurage. For more information see Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. Thus, the art of massage has arisen simultaneously on many continents, and he has an important place in medical science and practice of the great civilizations of the past, such as: in ancient Egypt and theRoman Empire, China and India and other nations and tribes. Currently, massage widely applied in various fields, and above all – in the area of treatment. Generally include four types of massage – sports, medical, hygienic and cosmetic. All of the existing system of massage are divided into two broad categories: European and Asian systems.

But they are so numerous that to classify them precisely is difficult. In fact, every kind of massage from those indicated in any case can be considered curative. The most advanced courses Massage can learn and learn to practice the many ways and techniques of treatment, learn and enjoy razlichnymimetodikami. Basic techniques of classical massage are rubbing, stroking, kneading and squeezing. Plus, effective shaking, vibration, shock techniques. Plays a special role massage the spine. This massage is needed in situations such as pain in the neck, back and waist, caused by osteochondrosis and radiculitis, the results of stretching the tendons, muscles and ligaments and bruises. Very useful massage the spine, neck and back for the middle-aged and older experiencing a little exercise.

A qualified professional with a procedure massage improves circulation of blood along the spine, which helps to improve nervous system functions and other important organs. Nowadays, there are no problems in that to go to different courses of massage, which teaches the most advanced methods and techniques of this ancient art – the massage. In preparation for future courses, specialist familiar with the basic techniques of massage – classic therapeutic, relaxing and beauty, gets all sorts of skills of its species. After receiving the certificate, in the long run to finish the course expert will be entitled to perform procedures massage in various institutions: in medical centers and beauty salons.

Therapeutic Milk

17 Apr

Milk is the best product for the person they are successfully treated by diet people who have disorders of heart disease, kidney and liver. The best recipes for the diet is milk soups that can be prepared on the basis of your disease. Milk is useful especially for older children and unnecessarily increases the excretion of fluids from the body with no load on the kidneys. See more detailed opinions by reading what Heart Specialist offers on the topic.. There are special diets that can relieve the patient from edema disease pozheludochnoy cancer, obesity, hypertension, gastric ulcer, gastritis. And how many times we were treated as a child's throat boiled milk and butter, when the pharmacy did not have that choice right now as drugs. If milk is poorly tolerated his body must be diluted tea, mineral water or a mild kofem, obtained a kind of drinks from milk that can be used without affecting the stomach. If poisoning milk also is used to derive pollutants, prevent occupational diseases in unhealthy industries. With exhaustion and anemia, after an illness or injury when meat and eggs is not recommended, a protein derived from milk.

Application milk and cream in the stomach by the method of operations, etc. SI Spasokukotsky when the patient is injected into the small intestine of a mixture of milk 1 liter, 40 g of alcohol, cocoa and eggs during the operation, such a person recovers quickly. Milk is widely used when the patient is broken jaw and open his mouth is not possible, a mixture of milk and crackers, bread or cereal liquid only diet for him. The same value of milk are mineral salts that are needed for bone growth, restoration of blood, muscle function, nerve cells.


15 Apr

Regenerative effect: Due to the monoterpenes, trace elements, resins, tannins and vitamins ensures rapid healing of damaged mucous membranes of various locations. Sosudoukreplyayuschee effect is due to the high content of bioflavonoids and vitamin C, which together are working to reduce abnormal permeability the smallest vascular organs – the capillaries. Soothing ensured a high content of essential oil and monoterpenes help relieve stress and promote relaxation. Antitumor effect.

Polyphenols cedar were studied in the present moment as the biologically active substances that prevent the formation of cancer. Restoring water-salt metabolism effect. Essential oil of cedar in combination with vitamins and micronutrients have a destructive effect on the rocks and sand. indications sars, influenza, tonsillitis, otitis media, pharyngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia. stomatitis, gastritis, colitis, enterocolitis, acute and chronic. Rheumatoid arthritis. Moche and cholelithiasis.

Wounds and burns: Vitamin deficiency. neurosis, neurasthenia, decreased performance and memory. contra. Not identified. application. 1 teaspoon per cup of water. Take half a cup 2-3 times daily before meals. Prophylactic administration of: 1 teaspoon per cup of water. Take 2-3 sips 2-3 times a day. Course duration. 2-3 weeks (1-2 bottles). For more information see this site: Professor Roy Taylor. storage. Up to two years in a cool dark place. form. Dark glass bottles of 50 ml. “FLORITSA-PINE” Pinery. It’s beautiful in all seasons, any time of day. Slender clean trunks proudly hold majestic crown. Pine is considered one of the most beautiful trees of Central Russian forest. Who at least once in a lifetime conducted a course on “conifer cleansing”, he knows what enlightenment and relief can be tested by removing all unnecessary. “Floritsa-pine” – one of the best tools for cleaning. It expels toxins from the body, releasing toxins and while simultaneously encouraging the kidneys to increased exudation of toxins. Simultaneously, the active body’s defenses. Help your body’s cells to “spring cleaning” – Apply “Floritsu-pine! composition concentrate, obtained by extraction of pine needles. mechanism of action cleanses the blood effect. Bioflavonoids by keeping many hydroxyl groups can easily react oxidation, neutralizing and facilitating the excretion of toxins, toxins and cholesterol. Saponins and sterols stimulate the excretion of cholesterol from the body in bile. It was also noted that flavonoids increase the lymph flow from tissues than stimulate the cleansing of the tissue space. Normalizing acid-alkaline balance effect by actively removing excess fluid and salts. Immunostimulatory effect is achieved due to ability to extract pine stimulate the body’s defenses. Anti-inflammatory effect. Volatile, tannins, essential oil and chlorophyll promote wound healing and destruction of microorganisms. Bile-and a diuretic effect: Bioflavonoids extract of pine increase bile and excretion of urine. Saponins stimulate bile secretion. Sosudoukreplyayuschee action provided by the presence of bioflavonoids and vitamin C. Calming effect. Monoterpenes help relieve stress, relax and help to restore the nervous system. Antioxidant effect is provided by polymeric phenolic compounds and bioflavonoids antioxidant vitamins, which prevent the destruction of the cell membrane of cells by free radicals. Expectorant action is provided by the biologically active substances, essential oil of pine. indications Skin disease (allergic in remission, psoriasis, acne). Metabolic disorders.

Patagonia Argentina Y Sus Maravillas Organic

8 Apr

Organic products in the preference of many more people Dr.Marcus Lab announces that soon opened his lab in Patagonia, Argentina, in addition to developing products with raw material from the Amazon in Brazil. To deepen your understanding Cardiologist is the source. This new lab will discuss the formulation anger pilot production behavior and the therapeutic and check product quality agency shall also make Farmacopeia studies of Argentina and all its biodiversity.


7 Apr

We often hear the word “nutraceuticals” and did not understand its meaning in our lives. What is it? These are the same biologically active additives that enrich the products to improve their nutritional value. Because even good Supplements discredited by unscrupulous sellers, experts have introduced a new term “nutraceuticals” stressing that they, like drugs, clinical trials and meet the quality standards adopted in modern pharmacology. Among nutraceuticals – vitamins, fatty acids, some minerals and trace elements – calcium, iron, selenium, zinc, iodine, fluorine, amino, mono-and disaccharides, food fiber (cellulose, pectins). That is the substance in which the body needs daily, but do not always receive. Nutraceuticals as drugs in clinical trials and pharmacological meet quality standards. Experts recommend taking supplements, nutraceuticals for the prevention of premature aging and development of “age” of disease.

Determine which substances do not have enough your body will help a special analysis. These important for our health matter can be bought at a pharmacy or health food stores or obtained from fruits and vegetables. Short examples: * Allicin – found in garlic and different kinds of onion, including ordinary bulb. Reduces “Bad” cholesterol, cleanses the body of carcinogens. In combination with selenium effectively prevents breast cancer, reduces blood clots, reduces the risk of heart attack. Enhances immunity. In large quantities can be reduce blood clotting, so those who are already taking drugs, anticoagulants, caution is needed. Dosage: 2-3 cloves garlic or half a cup finely chopped onions (fresh or browned) per day. * Betaine – biologically active substance found in sugar beet.

Water Beds For Restful Sleep

5 Apr

So far there are only very few households in waterbeds. It is scientifically proven that it is on a waterbed sleep better and healthier than on a normal bed. One of the main reasons why most people will opt for the most common bedding that the purchase of a waterbed more expensive fails. Univ. of Iowa insists that this is the case. For a modern water bed from a reputable manufacturer will put it in general from 2500 to 2500 euros on the table – and that’s a lot of people simply too much. But once you consider that you sleep on a waterbed healthier, you should really be willing to pay the higher price. Finally, it makes little sense to sleep only for financial reasons, to an unhealthy bed. Another point which many people before you buy a waterbed holds back is that a waterbed is not set up as simple as an ordinary bed, and are waiting for this from time to time, or maintained and controlled. However, at this point, saidbe that today’s soft-side waterbeds with the previous hard-side waterbeds are not at all compare. The mattresses have become much more compact and have an integrated framework, so that a special bed frame unnecessary. As for maintenance cleaning or maintenance of a waterbed, it must above all, the mattress surface at regular intervals. On it should be deposited no dirt or dust particles, because these contribute to the surface durchscheuert and could thus escape the water. In addition, the water must be of the mattress once a year, treated with a water conditioner. This fluid cleans the water and ensures that no bacteria can form and gases.

ATC Code A11

4 Apr

ATC code A11 (Redirected from ATC code A11) or ATC Code Classification System Anatomical, Therapeutic Chemical (ATC stands for Anatomical, Therapeutic, Chemical classification system) is an index of pharmacological substances and drugs, organized by therapeutic groups . This system was instituted by the World Health Organization, and has been adopted in Europe. The code covers the organ or system on which it acts, the pharmacological effects, therapeutic indications and the drug’s chemical structure. ATC code A11 is a section of the ATC classification system into group A, drugs for digestive system and metabolism..

Lose Weight Easily

30 Mar

Lose Weight with pleasure Cute girls! What did not we endure in order to maintain their perfect shape! After all, they say, ‘Beauty requires sacrifice! “. And, of course, we find a long grueling diet, select starvation, load themselves physically demanding, and it turns out, often deliver harm to our body. We certainly know that the most important thing in an attractive woman – is, of course, health and youth who are not accompanied by excessive weight. The word ‘Grazing’ for vygovarivaniyu a bit like the word ‘bite’. It came from the English language, ‘graze’ translated means ‘pasture’. In our past, it turns out, on this diet was well known. But in order to obtain a permanent effect to be understood and skillfully apply a few rules we feel the desire to eat because of the hormone ghrelin, which produces gastric mucosa. This hormone recently discovered by Japanese scientists.

When stomach constantly empty, then the hormone is produced very much, and we are ready to eat the entire anyone. There is a way out – eat less, but more often. That’s about it and told our doctors in the recent past, when we appealed to split meals. Traditionally, the offer to eat at least six times a day. And in order not to abuse the food and get the desired result to help us come Grazing. He teaches in the right mode to eat in between meals. The result is obtained such that the stomach is empty less time – and the hormone ghrelin is also produced fewer.

So it turns out that we are able to control the amount of food consumed per day. Grazing brings tangible benefits. It is this type of diet is recommended for problems with the digestive tract, weight loss and useful for our heart and body as a whole. Diet looks like this: breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, snack before bedtime. The second meal is better to move closer to the dinner, not to overeat later on a long break between meals. It is better not to use vegetables and fruits in its pure form, but do low-calorie salad and eat it with a small piece of bread. Foods that contain lots of fat must necessarily be excluded. But as you know, this condition is present in most diets. And, as you know, grain bread, milk, cereals and so on – the most optimal for a snack. And an indispensable condition – there is no hurry! As soon as you feel satiety, pause, listen to yourself, and maybe leave some meal for the next bite.

Liver Disease

30 Mar

Liver disease are classified as hidden infirmities. Many people suffer from liver disease for years and did not even know it. A recent epidemiological study revealed a significant percentage of the mass liver disease. All-Russian public health research was supported by sanofi-aventis. The doctors examined more than 30,000 people in 28 cities of Russia: normal patients resorted to their district clinic for various reasons. Figures obtained in the study speak for themselves: the various liver diseases in our country suffers from 53% of the population. But if you look at other health indicators, it does not seem too surprising. Thus, overweight was fixed in 42%, hypertension in 42%, diabetes in 11%.

Violation of metabolism – a condition that can not be ignored. Connect with other leaders such as University of Iowa College of Medicine here. Can help the liver recover Natural hepatoprotectors, one of the best known and most studied among hepatoprotectors in Russia is Essentiale forte , containing up to 76% of the active component of essential phospholipids, which are incorporating into the cells liver support it in a healthy condition. To-morrow your liver was healthy, and you – are successful and happy, take care of it better today. Essentiale – for those who are thinking of the liver

National Congress

29 Mar

Relative to each other, there has been much rapprochement family to me, or they requested my presence in their homes, sometimes I feel overwhelmed because for me it is vital the solitude and silence, the senses have worsened, people in general are more friendly with me. There is a reflection that I have since the first face-to-face master’s and formerly a duda-conflicto, is about awareness, the development of extrasensory abilities and power steering, I know people who have many years in spirituality, with great development and management of the last two aspects but that my understanding lack much awareness, I observe many vices, many constraints, many fears, etc., this before knowing the education holistic vision was one of the various conflict in spiritual practice, me is now more understandable and my thoughts on the matter are aimed at the construction of an order or of a spirituality holistic approach, although it sounds redundant, not be as you would call it but it is something that occupies my thoughts and much of the presentations. Me is extremely clear that the development of awareness is vital in this era of knowledge and that for this reason it is essential, a vision of the whole, integral, orderly, clear, consistent and easy to understand, within reach of all human beings, I intend to collaborate to it. In this fourth semester culminating stage of mastery, the face-to-face sessions were summarized in one of 4 days, two of them were spent in the National Congress of holistic education primarily composed of former students and students master’s, as well as for candidates for doctorate in holistic education. Educate yourself with thoughts from Heart Specialist. Initially the event was to me incomprehensible, what advantages presented a composite Congress, almost in its entirety, by persons in the same knowledge by the same masters?, were those moments, the opportunity for the exercise of self observation, patience, openness, acceptance, universal love, fairness and respect. .