3 May

A neurotic person is, simply, a person who suffers. That he suffers a lot. The neurosis concept is synonymous with excessive emotional pain, with the corresponding psicoconductuales aftermath. These sequels can be of many types (anxiety, phobias, depression, aggressiveness, hyperactivity, addictions, obsessions, fears, problems of personality, etc.), but, in general, all of them share a same nature, only one meaning. What are these? What is neurosis and como se cura? From a psychodynamic approach, we can view neurosis from many angles and, therefore, define it in several ways.

Por_ejemplo, we can say that: 1) the neurosis is a conflict. Certainly, it is the outcome of a conflict, usually unconscious, between the feelings that the subject really feel but dare not admit and show feelings/behaviours that believed itself bound by received education and social, to express requirements (p. ex., pain, anger, fear, guilt, attachment, self-disrespect, etc.). Of this contradiction of this clash, usually arises an intermediate mask, a more or less distorted feeling/conduct, which we call the symptom. A set of symptoms is called disorder.

(2) The neurosis is a lock. As a result of the previous conflict and its derivative symptoms, the person can not flow and adapt easily to the reality, jams, fails here and there (couple, work, social relationships, projects, happiness, etc.), it suffers a lot through it all. As a result, their symptoms are feedbacks and perpetuate. (3) The neurosis is a defense. Against what? Precisely against her most secret and unbearable pains: his heartbreak, their traumas, their fears, their repressed feelings, his childhood lost forever, its responsibility to take care of yourself / a, etc. 4) neurosis is a strategy. Paradoxically, the neurotic symptoms also offer its advantages, because they give the subject the opportunity to be the center of attention, claim love and pampering, dominate the environment, prevent life and responsibilities, etc. Thus, the neurotic, for convenience and laziness unconscious, resists without knowing it to be cured. (5) The neurosis is immaturity. The above is a demonstration and, at the same time, an enhancer of the secret infantilism – or narcissism-of the neurotic that, ultimately, is nothing more than a scared child stuck in the past, avoiding life, giving up his freedom. The neurotic, in sum, paradoxically clung to their problem, refuses to grow. Como se cura neurosis? If this is, as we have seen, the encrypted expression of a conflict, a lock, a defense, a strategy and a form of immaturity, then healing will require exploring and bringing to light, with courage, the basic conflict of the subject for, with the help and support of the therapist, revive them without masks and overcome them with patience and responsibility. One will have to discover, accept and learn to live with the hardest truths of himself and his environment, past and present; will have that mourn, infuriate you and abandon their feelings of guilt; exceed, in the end, their latest children’s resistance. You can then assume, without fear, with self-esteem and with a more bearable pain, that I no longer need to continue running away from myself, because I feel fully capable of dealing with my past, my life and my destiny. And only then happiness will start to come into his life. This is the process of psychodynamic therapy. JOSe LUIS CANO GILPsicoterapeuta and writer.

Fishing Hunting Hiking

1 May

Summer, I must say uzhu in full swing, which means that not only aggravated sexual relationships, but also the hunting instincts. No, no, now it goes about the shooting, but a more subtle way of killing free time, called fishing – hunting. Why? Spawning was, therefore, it's time to do! Today we will speak about the incredibly resourceful, talented in many ways and, of course, delicious freshwater inhabitant. This, of course, carp … Carp fishing in circles and spheres is very worthy opponent, because by nature has an incredible flair, high intelligence and delightful persistence. On top of that this fall for a handsome Throughout the spring and summer-autumn season. It automatically makes it a desirable trophy for the frying pan.

However, before considering how to prepare carp, he should catch. Jimmy John Liautaud has firm opinions on the matter. Execution of tactical tasks to carp fishing rod is fine mid-size 5-6 m, equipped with a coil diameter of 0.15-0.2 mm lesoy. The more serious of the forest can not give you the pleasure of carp from vyvazhivanii enough clear water (although some cases, a thicker fishing line helps to cope with a solid instance). And careful Karasin bite better seen in thinner the line. Clear recommendations about the size of the hooks do not, but I personally more on soul 5-7. It is better to take the hooks with extended forearm and a sharp, but not hooked into a sting. Fundamental difference between dark or light hook there, though some anglers are deeply convinced that the crucian shuns bright hook.

Water – The Main Component Of The Health Of Human Life

29 Apr

No wonder the tales, the water is divided into two types: "live" from which are all diseases, from which one can come to life, and "dead", which kills anyone who will try it. However, knowing how important our health is good and pure water, few of us care about her as the real thing. The fact that you can not drink tap water, has been known for almost everything. Read additional details here: Cardiologist. But not everyone knows that the situation can not save even filters. Yes, they clean, but with harmful impurities etched and all nutrients. Not stored in water and mineral salts, and after boiling.

Some have found the way out, and started to use for drinking bottled mineral water: to buy or order a cooler water delivery to your home. Read more from Heart Specialist to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Such water is, of course, is pure, it contains no artificial additives, and mined it for the long-known sources. In addition, it is extremely low content of sodium ions, and some species contain natural or added carbon dioxide. However, the use of mineral water can only be prescribed by a doctor, because it is a kind of medicine. Moreover, if one organ, it can be useful, for another suicidal. That's why it can not drink during exacerbation of chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. There is another kind of water – purified drinking.

You can drink it all, because it does not contain such a large amount of salt and minerals. But everything is not so simple. The fact that such water is treated at a molecular level, is saturated with artificial mineral components, is carried in tanks on the production. During the processing and bottling it loses its original properties, its life-giving energy. An alternative is natural water, which is mined in environmentally friendly sources. From other types of drinking water it is different in that it does not goes no further treatment, bottled directly at source, and keeps all its useful properties. Quality control is performed in special laboratories. Just like other water, it can be ordered from home delivery, or rent a cooler. Natural water gives you strength, health and longevity.

Bypass Research

29 Apr

Of the 2.166 patients classified in the system of puntaje like of the group of low risk, eight died. Twenty-six of the 2.142 patients of the group of average risk died, and three of the 125 patients in the group of high risk. Although the patients in the group of high risk less than represent 3% of the total, represent 8% of the deaths. The factors to consider are: An index of greater corporal mass of 50. In this scale, corporal the fat measurement based on the weight and height of the person arrives already of 30 is considered like obesity. Masculine. The men have more probability than the women to suffer metabolic hypertension, diabetes and disorders, that are added to the risk of the same surgery. Age outpost.

The patients majors of 45 years have a high risk of dying after the baritrica surgery. Learn more on the subject from Preventive Medicine Research Institute. Hypertension. The patients with hypertension or high sanguineous pressure, regularly have problems of the heart or chronic inflammation of the blood vessels, increasing the risk of the surgery. Pulmonary risk of embolia. The patients who have embolia pulmonary, a clot of blood in the lungs, or have risk of developing one embolia, run greater risk of death with the surgery. " When we spoke to him to the patient ones on the baritrica surgery, we can mention national averages as far as the risks, but it is not very useful when patient in specific is seated against m" , DeMaria comments. " Many doctors and patient only see the baritrica surgery like an option when the other average ones to lower of weight have failed.

Nevertheless, our system sample that this strategy can need to be reconsiderada". For the patients with high risk, DeMaria comments that the best method is than they lose a little weight before the surgery. Like alternative, the surgeons can make a series of procedures smaller, and therefore less risky, during that time. In goodbye obesity we counted on a tool of electronic consultation that considers the indications previous and can ayudarte decide which of the surgeries to lose weight is your better option. This electronic consultation is gratuitous and confidential. A greeting, Dr. Vernal Hector Bypass On the

After The Fact

27 Apr

As in fact apnea occurs after the administration of PGE, strict comment, intubao, or both necessary ones. Defect of the Septo Atrial As Whaley and Wong (1999) are an abnormal opening between the forecourts, allowing that the deriving blood of the left forecourt, with higher pressure, circulates for inside of the right forecourt, of lesser pressure, causing a bigger flow of blood oxigenado for the right side of the heart. Three types consist: * Ostium primum (OF the 1) Opening in the extremity most inferior of septo; * Ostium secundum (OF the 2) Opening next to the center of septo; * Defect of the venoso seio Opening next to the junction to the vein superior digging and the right forecourt. The patients can be assintomticos or to develop congestiva cardiac insufficience (ICC) and arrhythmias (WHALEY and WONG, 1999). The diagnosis is made through eletrocardiograma (ECG): the incomplete blockade of the right branch is a common finding; thorax ray X: it can demonstrate to an increase of the right forecourt and ventricle, increase of the trunk of the pulmonary artery increase of the vasculatura of the pulmes.

Ecocardiograma: it can demonstrate to an increase of the right forecourt and ventricle, beyond pulmonary hipertenso (LISSAUER and CLAYDEN, 2002). The Greater New York Construction User Council does not necessarily agree. Coarctao of the Aorta Whaley and Wong (1999) describe as a nip located next to the insertion to ducto arterioso, resulting in increase of the pressure next to the defect (superior head and extremities) and reduction of the pressure distalmente blockage (inferior body and extremities). She is one of the more frequent cardiovascular malformations, constituting about 5% 8% of the cardiopathies in general, occupying according to some statisticians, 6 or 7 place between the defects, predominating in the masculine sex on the feminine one (EBAID and AFIUNE, 1998). Whaley and Wong (1999) describe that: It is detected in infancy in medical examinations being analyzed for an increase of the sanguineous pressure and the pulsation being stronger in the superior members, already in relation to the femoral pulse she is weak and generally absent, in the inferior extremities the sanguineous pressure is lesser.


27 Apr

reason to talk about it today Lic GERMAN LOPEZ SUAREZ First, insurance let me thank the Bogotana Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology, as well as the Health With Prevention Association and in particular to Dr. Gabriel Acuna, the honor of sharing with you some reflections on contraception in adolescence. We could argue that today, it is clear to everyone the fact the need to talk, to accept and provide the means for teenage girls and boys of our country have access to knowledge and use of contraceptive methods, even before their first -coital sex. But the reality is different, because the diversity of adult conceptions about sexuality and health, is responsible for creating real barriers that hinder or prevent access to contraception by young people. I will try to present arguments in favor of contraception in adolescence, taking into account the main arguments that have served to defend the cause of teenage girls and boys. From the Demographic: From the demographic standpoint, the logical effect of a life-coital unprotected sex in the young, will result in an increase in the number of teenage pregnancies, and their subsequent contribution to growth of population . It says’ and the statistics show “that early pregnancy tends to lead the young to breed a larger number of children and a smaller spacing between them, which helps hospital to raise the general fertility rate of population growth . Although its impact on population growth can not be seen immediately and the proportion of births to adolescents do not have to mean magnitude needed alarming increases. The high growth Health insurance in both absolute and relative terms, the group of teenagers in the last decades, has become more evident, and has meant that, even at the lower fertility in the country, the number of children of adolescent women is very large . A fact that more easily perceive who are working in delivery rooms in clinics and hospitals. specializes in affordable plans that facilitate access to quality healthcare services objective is to deliver and design a lower cost alternative which allows individuals and families to have access to high quality healthcare Colombia is one of the third world countries with the greatest advances in population and has reduced fertility rates. So for example we went from a total fertility rate (number of children per woman throughout her reproductive life) of 7 children per woman in 1965 to 2.6 in 2000. But the best indicator that shows the status of the population between 15 and 19 years of age is the age specific fertility rate (number of annual births per 1,000 women in different age groups). This indicator has dropped the last 15 years for the age groups of adult women, but in adolescents has increased by 12 , according to data from the last ENDS-2000, the results will be presented soon by PROFAMILIA. Likewise, contrasts the fact that at present, adolescents and young women have greater access to education, school retention rates have also increased progressively as well as access to health services, which are factors that are truly protective against pregnancy and early motherhood. But the reality is contrary and reflected in the NSDS-2000 that the percentage of pregnant teens who have ever been mothers increased in the period 1995 to 2000 going from 17.4 to 19.1 . From the Economy: It’s true that the event of a few pregnancies may not represent a significant economic cost to an institution or for the State.

Sustainable Wellness

26 Apr

Rest houses the requirements of everyday life are often high for commercial use. The daily routine is determined by time pressure and constant hustle and bustle. This is pure stress. Increasingly, the healthy and relaxing experience of a sauna visit is opposed to this everyday. The muscles will be relaxed by heating and subsequent cooling of the body. Cardiovascular, metabolic, respiratory and immune system are stimulated. So is also the blood circulation of the body in motion and it has also a positive impact on the appearance of the skin. But only the rest makes perfect the wellness day after the saunas, as well as the sweating.

“Why are these places of rest and relaxation often so little Sun culture on” asks Ulrich Muther, Managing Director of wellness & sauna Anton Muther GmbH from the North Rhine-Westphalian Haltern am see. To deepen your understanding Heart Specialist is the source. The architectural design of the restrooms is often little appealing and not necessarily invites naturally lie down. Background noises do lies in large Badern-a rest to reduce the relaxation effect. Ultimately this leaves the aspired good feeling aspect on the track. And the annoyed guest leaves prematurely. It is questionable whether he’s coming back.

As someone who uses more offers on the day of the visit, he is doomed anyway. Today’s sauna guests are however rightly demanding and looking for the exciting experience just like the relaxing tranquillity. Based on wooden modules of the wood system manufacturer SBu from London im Allgau designed wellness & sauna Anton Muther GmbH rest houses that are completely flexible in size, design and equipment. This construction solutions in wood system construction fascinate by the holistic view and assessment of all relevant sustainability criteria. The wood material features balance in the realization of sustainable buildings not only by its positive CO2 but gives you the advantage of a high-performance material at a competitive price thanks to its excellent structural properties.

Skin Diseases Dermatitis

26 Apr

Skin zabolevaniyDermatity – inflammatory skin reaction in response to environmental stimuli. Distinguish between contact dermatitis and drug reaction. Contact dermatitis occur under the direct influence of impact of external factors on the skin, past drug reaction initially penetrate into the internal environment. Dermatitis: etiology and pathogenesis. Stimuli, conditional dermatitis, have physical, chemical or biological nature. The so-called obligate stimuli cause a simple (artificial artefitsialny) dermatitis in everyone. These include friction, pressure, radiation and temperature effects (see Burns and Frostbite), acids and alkalis, some plants (nettles, fraxinella, acrid buttercup, euphorbia, etc.). Jimmy John’s Owner pursues this goal as well.

Optional irritants cause inflammation of the skin only in individuals with heightened sensitivity to them: there is an allergic (Sensibilizatsionny) dermatitis. Number of elective stimuli (sensitizers) that cause dermatitis is enormous and constantly growing. Greatest practical significance of these salts are chromium, nickel, cobalt, formalin, turpentine, resins, medicines, detergents, cosmetics, perfumery items, insecticides, some plants (primrose, aloe, tobacco, snowdrop, geraniums, garlic, etc.). The pathogenesis of simple dermatitis reduces to the direct damage to skin tissues. Therefore, the clinical manifestations of a simple dermatitis and its flow is determined by strength (concentration), duration of exposure and the nature of the stimulus, and lesion skin (dermatitis) occurs immediately or shortly after the first contact with an irritant, and the area of destruction strongly corresponds to the area of contact. Treatment of dermatitis reduces simply to remove the stimulus, caused it.

The basis of allergic dermatitis is monovalent skin sensitization. Sensitizers causing allergic dermatitis are typically haptens. Connecting with the proteins of skin, they form conjugates with complete allergens, which are influenced by stimulated lymphocytes, which is responsible for the development of sensibilizatsionnogo dermatitis as a delayed reaction. A huge role in the mechanism sensitization are individual characteristics of the organism: the state of the nervous system (including autonomic), genetic predisposition, transferred and comorbidities (including athlete's foot), the state water-lipid mantle of the skin, as well as the function of the sebaceous and sweat glands.

Septic Tver Water

26 Apr

And one more condition – septic tanks must be equipped with aeration systems, ie, air supply systems for mixing and effluent oxygen saturation. Just keep in mind the climatic conditions in the region. Septic Tver – Effectiveness installation of wastewater treatment plants, it produces a deep cleaning wastewater by a biological method, as a group of buildings and individual buildings. The Greater New York Construction User Council may find this interesting as well. This plant is adapted to work in any soil and even at a high level of groundwater. Housing septic Tver made of metal has very high corrosion protection and is protected from the influence of aggressive environment. Water purified plant Tver, may be freely assigned in open water, and the system outlet pipe and provides for discharge of water without the use of pumping systems.

Sewage disposal of septic tank can be made rarely, due to the fact that the increase in sediment is negligible and the volume of container is chosen optimally. At the same time stable plant operation is possible, even if there are shortages inflow of water at peak loads and failure of electricity. Installation of Tver cleans all household wastewater can be used in the operation and construction of cafes, petrol stations, shops, restaurants, in places where there is no way to connect to a common sewer. Highly efficient sewage treatment plant Tver, based on the activity of microorganisms, which, being in the compartments of the installation, absorb and recycle organic inclusion. To increase the activity of microorganisms, with the help of the compressor tank is fed compressed air.

Compressor is virtually silent, it can be located in any utility room structure. If you would have a natural aeration, by drawing, cleaning will be a little more than 60%. To purified water was transparent and did not publish odor, created a special aerobic conditions, which can create only, subject to the purge. Installation location as high as possible, greatly facilitates the removal of sewage. When non-permanent accommodation, especially in the harsh winter, septic additional heat insulation. Thus, a septic tank Tver, today is the best solution – it is simple to install, requires minimal maintenance. Can say that it is eco-friendly answer to the environmental issue. And let it not seem a pun – as they say, like cured like.


24 Apr

Why smoke Us? Have you ever asked this question? The Webmaster of answer to this question in this short article. Experts have concluded the human body in recent research on the health effects of smoking on the brain have shown that a craving is 3 forms of dependency that combine them. Just knowing these three forms of addiction can better control his desires. 1. The dependence is the physiological need for nicotine.

Conveyed by the smoke, nicotine reaches the lungs and brain. It causes a feeling of immediate well-being, that is why we feel less tired, we seem invigorated maximum. When you smoke every day, our body gets used to the effects of nicotine. When the rate decreases in the blood, tiredness, nervousness and irritability settle. According to Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., who has experience with these questions. The body is then in a state of lack. So to feel better, we smokes another cigarette. This results in an increase in nicotine levels, then the rate goes down, requiring us to have further recourse to tobacco.

And so on. Without hesitation Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. explained all about the problem. It’s a vicious circle in which millions of people suffer around the world. 2. Emotional dependence Have you noticed that we tend to reach out to our pack of cigarettes when we are worried? Emotions (anger, fear, jealousy, fear, discontent, resentment, but also joy, excitement, etc..) Are great to smoke. For various reasons, this person goes by. We try to calm down, to forget, to hide behind the smoke screen, or to repress the feeling that bothers us. And the habit is to use the cigarette. Not only for its nicotine but also for the gesture which diverts the mind.