6 Apr

Any parent wants to make the birthday of their most expensive man – the child, best, fun, memorable experience. That the baby felt most happy, surrounded by loving care and attention. But unfortunately not all Parents remember that what seems best for them and is a manifestation of love and caring in their understanding, is completely foreign to the child. For example, many believe that the best love and attention is a precious gift. In adult life, perhaps because it is, but not in the world of childhood. It giving the child an expensive, in your opinion the right gift, are unlikely to see the sincere joy of a baby that was expected. It's only your opinion, present worth, and in really like a completely different child.

Alas, under the influence of this material world, constantly trying to make money to feed their families, adults forget that for the baby, the most expensive in the day of birth – this is atmosphere of love. What do parents devote to him that day, forget about the fact that they have grown and will be again as once to play children's games. Inflate the balloons, which are a symbol of any holiday, reel and more. But very often is the reincarnation of a childhood for the parents is not a simple matter. Therefore it is very good when on holiday there is a third person, a fabulous character, such as a clown. Funny, mischievous, their games, contests, puzzles, and it will involve all children and adults. Clown accidentally found out that your child's birthday and went to visit you, because what a holiday without this clown? Children love fairy tales, and this is the birthday of baby will be transferred to one of these tales, where it will be in the range of a real holiday in his honor, the birthday! With loved by parents, kids, and hilarious characters, full of laughter, joy and fun!