Fishing Hunting Hiking

1 May

Summer, I must say uzhu in full swing, which means that not only aggravated sexual relationships, but also the hunting instincts. No, no, now it goes about the shooting, but a more subtle way of killing free time, called fishing – hunting. Why? Spawning was, therefore, it’s time to do! Today we will speak about the incredibly resourceful, talented in many ways and, of course, delicious freshwater inhabitant. This, of course, carp … Carp fishing in circles and spheres is very worthy opponent, because by nature has an incredible flair, high intelligence and delightful persistence. On top of that this fall for a handsome Throughout the spring and summer-autumn season. It automatically makes it a desirable trophy for the frying pan.

However, before considering how to prepare carp, he should catch. Execution of tactical tasks to carp fishing rod is fine mid-size 5-6 m, equipped with a coil diameter of 0.15-0.2 mm lesoy. The more serious of the forest can not give you the pleasure of carp from vyvazhivanii enough clear water (although some cases, a thicker fishing line helps to cope with a solid instance). And careful Karasin bite better seen in thinner the line. Clear recommendations about the size of the hooks do not, but I personally more on soul 5-7. It is better to take the hooks with extended forearm and a sharp, but not hooked into a sting. Fundamental difference between dark or light hook there, though some anglers are deeply convinced that the crucian shuns bright hook.