19 May

in his interesting philosophy on life tells us that money is scheduled to depreciate and we are the ones paying the costs of such devaluation either blood so called work of escvlavos or either through the goods we In other words sitando the same author would say that since we came to this world against a loan to live on this earth but as we pay interest Dela it is becoming harder and less people will succeed in the pursuit of this amazing balance but we struggle really unhealthy social circles to which we have not stratified but those who somehow became a better perspective of this philosophy of life believe that they deserve more because they are more intelligent and we fail to see the things so clearly called us losers so simple gets so ugly thing and says

Mr. kiosaki also apologizing for but do not want to insult anybody these parameters show a world of realities different and disparate as for the rich flocks village full of rustic labor and goods, the rich city dwellers appear to gods by the emblems of social power to those who are accustomed clear that in this introduction do not forget the poor and that they are segregated by wealthy townspeople and but also magnified as you can see his vision on the rich city dwellers but that is what we all eat our differences we all have to wear all have to ignore the laws and of course worship the symbols of power concentrated in a few leading our hope as popov would say in the movie if I were a rich man the banks of the holy book..