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10 Jun

Jorge Paulino electrical engineer article available in finished on May 20, 2006, the three gorges hydropower is the largest hydroelectric plant in the world. University of Chicago is full of insight into the issues. Built on the Yangtze River (the largest river in China), presents an irregular flow, with a total generating capacity of 22,500 MW (MW 700 x 32 turbo-generators). It is composed of 34 Francis turbines, of 32 main turbines of capacity to generate 700MW/20KV/50 Hz and 2, with a capacity of 50 MW each one to the power of the infrastructure on the ground. The dam, concrete, about 2309 meters long and 101 meters in height, the wall has a 115 feet thick at the base and 40 feet thick at the top. The turbines are designed to work with the (head) height of 80.6 m, accepting a maximum of 113 meters height and a minimum of 71 meters, with its Weir flow almost horizontally (as below). Has 23 galleries of the dimensions of 7 x 9 feet with gates or valves that control its flow, and at the end of the landfill, there is a boss, whose purpose is the dissipation of energy. The project had investments of $22.5 billion, and is now considered the largest control in planning water project and execution had gone around 26 000 people, including professionals and specialists in the country and foreign labour (including Brazil).

Along with hydroelectric power, the Chinese Government has created a new model of development for the regions which surround the complex. Companies that are chosen to relocate simply enjoy a broad-based growth, because channel investments that were played previously with their competitors, with much of the processes of investment for the modernisation and the reabsorption of part of the workforce that is idle. A major problem in China as a whole, and in particular that of the three gorges power plant, is the contamination of their waters, and jeopardizing the quality of the Blue River, in the region of the deposit. Second report of the State Agency for the protection of the environment in China, published on April first, advises that 98% of pollutants which discharge their waste into the river did not adopt the measures necessary for cleaning, and 35% of treatment programs more pollutants that they have been deployed by the Government even began. This scenario is also very disturbing to the operators of the project, since the quality of the water can endanger the life of the turbines, as well as the dam. Currently, the Agency is doing choir with several international environmental groups that since the beginning of the project have been planned that three Gorges Dam could become the largest septic in the world, if not applied with urgency, of pollution control programs. See videos of the hydroelectric plant of the three gorges China blog and how it works a hydroelectric Videos: & authorized the partial or total reproduction of this article, provided fonte memorization.Prohibited and / or full recovery or partial, as well as the inclusion of sections or parts in any data processing system.