15 Nov

The problem is placed in knowing that Affirmations to use to get excellent results. With sight to the development of its Auto-Esteem, it will be able to find some tips will help that it to write efficient Affirmations. 1.Tempo Present Is advisable to choose the words in the present time and not in the future. It will not have to say ' ' I will learn to love me it me prprio' ' because thus of a sensation that will only reach what it intends ' ' some dia' ' that it is never known when will be. Instead of this, it will be able to say ' ' I choose to love me it me prprio' '. The redaco of this Affirmation establishes two things: the inclusion of the word ' ' escolho' ' it confers authority to it and, when placing the phrase in the present time, is to transmit the idea of already being to happen what it intends. to 2.Ser credvel At the same time, the Affirmations will have to be credveis for itself.

If to repeat, for example ' ' I am a wonderful person with very offering mundo' ' e, in the deep one, not to believe what it is to say, its subconscious mind will be able simply to reject this Affirmation. To say something as ' ' I am to learn to accept my unicity and to share it with outros' ' the difference will be able to make all in what it touches to its proper feeling of veracity in relation to the Affirmation. to 3.Escolher the appropriate tone When it uses Affirmations, will be able to make it in high voice or only mentally but, in any of the cases, it will have to be concentrated in the tone that it uses. Instead of saying the words as if it was to read the periodical, without any emotion, introduces one component of emotion, that is it is strengthenn for feeling of fact what it says.